Our Vision + The Story of Our Brand

Behind the Logo

Our logo, designed by the very talented Kendra Bull, is intended to suggest the departure from the traditional "spindled" models of organization in favor of a slightly messier, but potentially more meaningful, model of change. The pattern and colors are inspired by our love of early 20th century american arts and crafts design and the great outdoors. We chose earth tones reminiscent of those preferred by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene brothers.

Why "Mosaic?"

"Mosaic" works, not just because we offer a unique service triad, but more so because we understand that solving big problems takes all colors, shapes, and parts of people, and doesn't necessarily happen in a linear fashion. Like a mosaic made of many unique pieces, seemingly disparate (or even broken) parts may work together to make something new and beautiful.

Why "Collective?"

Torn from Holly's photo album after living in Romania in 2000-01, the philosophy captured in the quote pictured here guides our thinking. Because we strive to be servant-leaders, "collective" more closely captures our vision and mission than more commonly used words like "company," "partnership," or "business." We position ourselves alongside our clients, whether they are leaders, researchers, photography buyers, tenants, or contractors. We are open to learning and finding previously unconsidered solutions. We work for the good of the whole, and we all co-create something better together.