We provide concrete, measurable services that help clients achieve greater impact or solve difficult problems


Consulting services are available to institutions or collaborations from any sector, including nonprofits, schools and universities, businesses, and philanthropic organizations. Services may be procured on either a project (i.e. stipend) or hourly basis. For examples of deliverables and other information, please click below.


Holly Baumann Photography was born organically after bringing home photos made during my travels as a college and graduate student. People started saying, "you take great photos...can you take some of my baby / family / building / product?" Today, my photography services include primarily commercial architecture and portrait work. Follow the link below to my photography website, where you may view my entire portfolio and client list.


Between us, we've owned four homes since 2004, have renovated all of them, and rented three of them. We are those crazy people that enjoy the before and after process of improving an old home. Under Mosaic Collective, LLC, we currently own and manage one rental property in West Bloomington, a bungalow that's more than 100 years old. West Bloomington is a vital and diverse part of this community that's worthy of investment.