Our vision: to provide measurable services that help clients achieve greater impact or solve difficult problems

Why "Mosaic?"

Because we understand that solving big problems takes many colors, shapes, and types of people and organizations, and doesn't necessarily happen in a linear fashion. Like a mosaic made of many unique pieces, seemingly disparate (even broken) parts can come together and something new and beautiful. Finally, because our business is actually a mosaic of services, as well: while our focus is on consulting services, our LLC is the umbrella for two other lines of business: 1) commercial photography services, dba Holly Baumann Photography, and 2) rental property management. See below or follow the links for more information.

Why "Collective?"

The philosophy captured in the quote pictured here, which was torn from Holly's photo album after living in Romania in 2000-01, guides our thinking. We strive to be servant-leaders, so "collective" reflects our vision more than words like "company," "partnership," or "business." We position ourselves alongside our clients. We are open to learning and finding previously unconsidered solutions. We want to support clients so they can use their own gifts to accomplish their own goals. We encourage clients to set aside pre-conceived ideas about the way forward in pursuit of the BEST way forward. We work for the good of the whole, and we co-create something better together.

Behind the Logo

Our logo, designed by the very talented Kendra Bull, is intended to suggest the departure from the traditional "spindled" models of organization in favor of a slightly messier, but potentially more meaningful, model of change. The pattern and colors are inspired by our love of early 20th century american arts and crafts design and the great outdoors. We chose earth tones reminiscent of those preferred by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene brothers.

About Consulting Services

While we specialize in serving the nonprofit and higher ed sectors, project consulting services are available businesses and philanthropic organizations as well. Services may be procured on either a project or hourly basis, depending on your preference and resources. For examples of deliverables, previous clients, and other information, please read on.

About Holly Baumann Photography

Holly Baumann Photography was born organically in 2008, before Holly became an Ambuehl. Holly travelled a lot as a college and graduate student, and then as young professional. People started saying, "you take great photos...can you take some of my baby / family / building / product?" Between 2008 and 2017, Holly operated HBP as a side hustle while working professionally in other jobs. When consulting under Mosaic Collective, LLC became Holly's full-time gig in 2017, we moved the photography services under the LLC, as well. Photography services include primarily commercial architecture and portrait work, and may be a supplement to consulting clients, as well. (Need some shots of your location for your website or headshots of your leadership?) In this way, photography becomes part of the service mosaic we can offer to clients.