These were supposed to be our Christmas Card photos.

Last year about this time, I wrote about a perfect day in Sedona. More recently, we had another near perfect day on the Mogollon Rim while spending a weekend in a cabin together to celebrate my mom’s 70th Birthday

(This post should make clients that get stressed about family photos feel better.)

In theory, it was to be the perfect setting for our 2018 Christmas card images. I brought along fun holiday glasses and all my gear. However, things didn’t go exxxaaaaccctttlllyyyy as planned. 

It was WINDY.

It’s like whack-a-mole to get all the kids to stand still in one place. Amiright?

Someone was usually crying or looking the other way, or refusing to hold hands or follow whatever direction all 7 adults were yelling at them.

My nephew got cold, and had to wear his dad’s (my brother’s) sweatshirt. My broth is enormous, so that meant he basically was wearing a dress for the rest of the photos.

Me: “Rawley, smile!”


I wanted to love this next one, but I look SO CHEESY. LOL! Nathan was muttering “this is dumb,” and Rawley was showing everyone some dry animal bone (“fossil”) he found. #fail 🙂 

But, like I always tell portrait clients, while imperfect, these images are absolutely precious to us already – beautiful memories of a [mostly] fun day.

We camped on the Rim when we were dating and newlyweds, with each other and with friends. (It’s probably our favorite place on earth.) So, taking Rawley there was extra special. 

I feel proud that I captured this moment of sibling love below; it’s like a unicorn. 

We never got a group photo, but the ones we did get sure melt my heart! So thankful for this day with these people in this place I love. 

If your holiday photo shoot didn’t go as planned, I think the best photos are the ones where no one is looking and a cold little boy is wearing an oversized sweatshirt dress.

Know what I mean? – Holly

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