“Pursue a vision, but mind the details”

Harvard Business Review recently used this expression to encapsulate the management style of former President James Polk. We think and work the same way. Mosaic Collective, LLC is a member-managed partnership owned by Holly and Nathan Ambuehl. We've been married since 2009 and have have one adorable, dinosaur-loving son. Arts and Crafts design aficionados and members of the local Old House Society, we currently live in a 1917 American Foursquare in Normal's Highland Historic District that we affectionately refer to as #theAmbuehlMoneyPit. You can follow our before-and-after posts using that hashtag on Instagram.


Holly B. Ambuehl, MSW

Founding Member

Consultant, Photographer, Manager

Holly achieved a master's degree in social work from Boston College, with concentration in community organizing, policy, planning, and administration, and a bachelor of arts from Anderson University in family counseling and psychology. Her prior work experience includes jobs in all four sectors: private, philanthropic, public, and nonprofit, and also as an adjunct instructor at Illinois Wesleyan University. She side-hustled a commercial photography business (Holly Baumann Photography) since 2008, which now also falls under the umbrella of this LLC.

Holly is a Phoenix native and mountain girl at heart, but has lived and worked in nine states around the US (AZ, IN, CO, MI, MA, CA, OK, WY, IL). In her early 20's, she spent over a year living in rural Romania, where she worked for a community development startup organization. That experience taught her the realities of poverty and turned her attention to social justice work. Holly is an avid traveler and has visited over 20 countries, including Turkey, Cuba, Thailand, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. She bring all of this diverse life experience, and plenty of passion and conviction, to all of her work.

For Mosaic Collective, Holly provides consulting and photography services, and most of the property management functions.


Nathan Ambuehl

Founding Member

Design, Renovations

Nathan achieved his bachelor degree in industrial technology with a sequence in construction management from Illinois State University, where he also completed coursework in graphic design.

His previous work experience includes progressive responsibility at a large commercial construction company based in Atlanta, GA, where his role as MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) manager placed him in an oversight position on projects ranging from data centers to a 52-story tower and budgets up to $80 million. Additionally, Nathan managed interior space planning, move coordination, and facility improvement projects totaling over $40 million annually for a Fortune 50 company. Beginning in July 2021, Nathan manages facilities operations at an electric vehicle manufacturer.

Nathan has many diverse interests and skills, ranging from mountain biking, snow and water skiing, arts and crafts style architecture, jam bands, and craft beer.

He helped design both the Holly Baumann Photography and Mosaic Collective logos. In the LLC, Nathan serves as Holly's business partner, and helps perform and coordinate renovations for the property arm.

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If you are interested in consulting services, photography, or our rental property, please contact us! We look forward to speaking with you and working together.

- Holly and Nathan