Custom Mountain Lodge – Style Residence with Bespoke Furniture (Architectural Photography)

My latest shoot for Prairie Woodworks was inside a beautiful custom home in Bloomington, Illinois, which sits at the end of a mostly hidden drive that unfurls into 6 gorgeously landscaped acres, right in the middle of town.

The owner was originally inspired by mountain lodges in the western United States. Structural supports, made of reclaimed wood, were left exposed throughout.

While home took two years to build originally, Prairie Woodworks worked on various aspects of the structure and pieces of furniture over a much longer period of time. For example, Prairie milled the main stairway and banister, and created and installed the Greene and Greene style front and French doors shown above.

Prairie added the custom wine cellar later, and also built and installed the office furniture (both shown above). The wine cellar in this home was made from cedar, and has a more rustic feel than the other wine cellar I shot recently.

Most recently, Prairie built two custom bunk beds for two kids' bedrooms (above). One is smooth, modern, and features a structural ladder; the other is more rugged and hefty, with steel hardware similar to that used in the custom dining table shown above. Both showcase Prairie's artisanship with inlay and joints.

I had two watchful companions while working my way though this home: a slightly-suspicious, gorgeous, Bambi-legged Rhodesian Ridgeback, and an adorable two year old that was fascinated by my rig and wanted to take a picture with me. So, here's a photo of each - one of which provides an example of what happens when a wriggly little guy gets in front of a 30-second tripod exposure. 🙂

Thank you to the gracious owners, and to Prairie Woodworks, for another opportunity to make images of a truly stunning property. - Holly