Exterior Photography at The Foundry for Workbench Architects (Bloomington Architectural Photographer)

In addition to professional portraits, Workbench Architects also recently commissioned me to make exterior images of a commercial development called The Foundry in Bloomington, Illinois, which they designed several years ago. The entire plot was completely redeveloped back in 2016-17, and includes native landscaping, which took several years to fully mature. I shot these images on a lovely September evening, on a day of the week when most tenants were closed, to avoid a parking lot full of cars. I’d have preferred to have a few clouds in the sky, but at least it wasn’t windy (which can be a tall order in Illinois!). The Foundry, as a site, has become a major anchor in the surrounding neighborhood and is beloved in the community. It abuts the Constitution Trail, and houses some of the most well-branded and unique local businesses in the Bloomington – Normal area. Tenants include Green Top Grocery, Bloomington Cycle & Fitness, The Gingerbread House, Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, Shirk Family Foundation, and most recently, Foundry Home & Design. I’m a Green Top Grocery owner (and former capital campaign manager); my hubs bought his mountain bike from Bloomington Cycle and I shot their interior space for Specialized before the grand opening; we buy birthday and Christmas presents routinely at Gingerbread House; we are donors to IPCF … so, in general, huge fans of all of these folks, so this project was extra fun for me! Thank you Workbench for the opportunity to shoot this property for you, and a special thanks to architect and designer Kyle Glandon, who met me on-site to ensure a successful shoot.