From Our Family to Yours: Our 2020 Holiday Card (Family Portraits)

Every year, we try to send a unique holiday card (but we’ll never, ever outdo this one). Sometimes, I have trouble getting inspired, but this year, it was easy! Our son lost 4 teeth in six weeks, so the theme was obvious by October. We took advantage of soft light on a warmish, cloudy, fall day when the leaves were still bright, choosing clothes that are Christmasy and that naturally contrast and coordinate with fall colors. I created these images self-portrait style, with my DSLR on a tripod and using the timer. Design credit goes to Alissa, my sister in law, who managed to convert my chicken scratch into the perfect design above in record time. The back of the card included a few of these other images, along with the Mosaic Collective, LLC logo, which coordinated well with the colors in the images! We shot these in the gardens at the local Community Cancer Center, which is beautiful and peaceful and a true gift to the surrounding community. Also included, the obligatory masked family portrait for 2020. Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!