Custom Reception Areas at Nussbaum for Prairie Woodworks (Hudson, IL – Architectural Photographer)

Prairie Woodworks recently completed a bespoke reception desk and console at the beautiful, Colorado-inspired Nussbaum Transportation corporate headquarters in Hudson, IL. The stunning walnut desk has steel legs, with a floating shelf at either end that is suspended by glass and steel brackets and trimmed with copper. Prairie originally constructed the desk with space for two workers, then added the center console visible below, which is freestanding but fitted perfectly, to create more storage space for the front desk team. This desk is situated at the main entrance, which is a new space. The original, older main entrance also boasts a desk built by Prairie Woodworks years ago, which I captured on the same day. This original desk features some of the same hallmarks of the newer, grander desk – like the uniquely elevated shelf and use of mixed materials. Both Prairie and Nussbaum have grown since the construction of this original desk. Congratulations to both for such beautiful work and spaces!